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High elastic waterproof paint

High elastic waterproof coating is a high performance waterproof coating made by scientific processing of high grade acrylic emulsion as the base material, adding a variety of additives and fillers。It is an upgrade of ordinary waterproof coating products, due to the addition of a variety of polymer additives, making the product's waterproof performance is better than ordinary waterproof products, but also has high strength tensile ductility, can cover cracks。

Product characteristics

1, highly elastic, can resist the slight vibration of the building, and can cover the thermal expansion and contraction, cracking, sinking and other reasons caused by cracks less than 8mm;

2, can be directly constructed on the wet base surface, suitable for the corner and the water seepage around the pipeline;

3, the adhesion is strong, the active ingredients in the coating can penetrate the pores and micro-cracks in the cement base surface and produce chemical reactions, and the substrate is integrated to form a layer of crystalline dense waterproof layer;

4, environmental protection, non-toxic, harmless, can be directly applied to drinking water engineering;

5, acid, alkali, high temperature resistance, with excellent aging resistance and good corrosion resistance;And can be used outdoors, has good weather resistance;

Scope of application

It is suitable for waterproof, impermeable and moisture-proof of roof, toilet bath room, basement, reservoir and wall。

Base surface treatment:

Common base

1, the surface must be smooth, solid, clean, no oil, release agent, floating dust and other pine animals;

2, for large holes and cracks should be repaired with repair mortar;

3, the prefabricated board, plate joint need professional sealing treatment before construction;

4, screws, bolts are recommended to be closed with epoxy resin or similar materials;

5, before using the high elastic waterproof slurry, the base surface must be fully wet with water, but at the same time there can be no water;

6, for the loose porous substrate, especially cement fiber board, etc., must be applied before the waterproof slurry, first interface treatment;

Construction technology

1, pour the liquid additive into a clean mixing container, and then slowly add the powder while stirring in proportion, stir fully for 3-5 minutes until the formation of a non-powdered, uniform glue, and use up within the operating time。It is recommended to use mechanical mixing (400-500 RPM) to achieve the best mixing effect;

2、用辊子、刷子将浆料均匀涂刷于处理好的底材上,根据使用环境及性能要求涂刷2层或2层以上; 一般工程防水层厚度为1mm,地下工程施工规范厚度要求为1.5-2mm;

3, after finishing a layer, it must be slightly dry solid (just not stick to the hand), and then do the second layer, generally 1-3 hours, depending on the density of the base surface and the temperature at the time。If more than 24 hours, or the coating has been cured, apply a second coat on it, you must first re-wet the surface with water;

4, curing and curing: the second day after the slurry is painted, it is recommended to cover the coating with a fine mist spray or a wet cloth for 2-3 days, and then perform a closed water test;For long-term water tanks should be vacant for two weeks before filling water;

5, the stirred slurry should generally be used up within 1 hour, and the solidified material can not be reused;

6, do not mix with water, and do not change the proportion of emulsion。