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Polyurethane waterproofing

Polyurethane waterproof coating is a liquid construction of one component environmental protection waterproof coating, based on imported polyurethane prepolymer as the basic component, no tar and asphalt additives。It is cured after contact with moisture in the air, forming a solid and tough jointless integral waterproof film on the surface of the base layer。

(1) Can be directly constructed on a variety of wet or dry substrates。

(2) Strong adhesion with the base surface, the polymer material in the coating film can penetrate into the fine seam of the base surface, and the following type is strong。

(3) The film has good flexibility, strong adaptability to base expansion or cracking, and high tensile strength。

(4) Green environmental protection, non-toxic and tasteless, no pollution to the environment, no harm to the person。

(5) Good weather resistance, high temperature does not flow, low temperature does not crack, excellent anti-aging performance, oil, wear resistance, ozone resistance, acid and alkali corrosion resistance。

(6) The coating film is dense, the waterproof layer is complete, no cracks, no pinholes, no bubbles, and the water vapor permeability coefficient is small, which has both waterproof function and gas insulation function。

(7) Simple construction, short construction period, convenient maintenance

(8) Various colors can be deployed according to needs

(9) Light weight, does not increase the building load shelf life: more than 5 years;

Environmental protection: Meet GB 18582-2001 "Harmful substances limit of interior decoration materials" standard。

Wall waterproofing

It is a polymer modated by a unique formula, which not only has high bond strength and good impermeability, but also does not affect the construction and installation of floor tiles, mosaics, wood floors, gypsum boards, etc。

Product characteristics

1. The active ingredients in the slurry can penetrate into the micro-cracks in the cement base surface to produce crystallization and form a dense waterproof layer。Able to cover small cracks and resist slight shocks;

2, can be constructed on the wet base, no need to make the mortar protective layer, you can directly paste the tile and other subsequent processes;

3. The crystal penetrates deep into the capillary hole of the bottom material, has high permeability and compressive strength, and has the waterproof function of facing the water surface and backing the water surface;

4, non-toxic, harmless, can be directly used for drinking pools and fish ponds;

5, the coating has the effect of depressed mold growth, can prevent moisture salts on the surface pollution。

Scope of application

1, indoor and outdoor concrete structure, precast concrete structure, cement bottom, brick wall, light brick wall structure;

2, painted on the substrate before laying stone, tile, wood floor, wallpaper, gypsum board for pre-layer treatment, can achieve the effect of preventing moisture and salt pollution:

3, basement, subway station, tunnel, civil air defense engineering, mine, building foundation。

Base preparation

1, the substrate must be strong, smooth, clean, no dust, greasy, wax, release agent and other detritus material;

2, before brushing the paste, fully wet the substrate in advance, but there can be no water。

Construction technology

1. Use a hard brush, roller or spray machine to evenly paint or spray the mixed slurry on the wet substrate;

2, layered construction, the second layer of the painting direction should be perpendicular to the first layer, in order to achieve the best coverage effect;

3, the thickness of each layer of brushing can not be too thick, a coating thickness should not exceed 1mm, in order to facilitate curing。